Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week Recap

I did the Sectional WOD #4 in a competition that our gym, Crossfit Cadence, was hosting.  It was a fun environment and I did pretty well on this one.  I'm happy with this performance, finally!  Though, I think I should do well at this one since it is 3 lifts that I like and am good at.  I just got to keep pushing from here and keep getting better.  I did not get a video of it because there were too many people around to setup a camera but I think a couple people filmed it so I will try to get my hands on that.

The next day I was actually pretty sore in the shoulders, but I loosened up and did "Helen".  This is mostly pulling and another good breather and not too long.  I thought it was a good one to get used to working out while sore, especially since I better get used to that at Regionals.  My time was 7:26.  Everything felt fast and was unbroken except my runs were just too slow.

Here are a couple videos of workouts I did prior to the Sectional WOD #4:

115lb Pullup

Crossfit Style Sprint intervals - I wanted to get used to doing the burpees over the bar, but during the competition WOD none of them turned out to looked like this, they were much, much slower.  The first set of 60 I paced myself pretty slowly, and the second set I was way too tired to hop quickly over the bar.
5 sets:
10 Jerks @ 155lb
15 KBS 70lb
15 CTB pullups
10 bar facing burpees
rest 5 min

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