Monday, April 11, 2011

Sectional WOD #3

Here is the video of Sectional WOD #3.  Unfortunately my camera was full and it did not record, so my buddy Matt picked up his recorder about half way through and got it on film.  More unfortunate is the music he put on the video, I know I can choose pretty bad music but that is atrocious.

I wanted a few more reps on this but I had nothing left in my legs to squat or to power the bar overhead. I might have came out of the gates a little fast doing 11 reps in the first minute and I think about 24 in 2:45.  As you can see I was barely hanging on at the end.  But who knows what would have happened if I tried to pace, I could have failed at the same rep only with less time ending up with a lower score.  Sometimes when the muscles want to do turn off, they will do just that no matter how you slice it.  So even though I wanted a few more, I will take this performance for now!

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  1. After reading your disclaimer on the music and then firing up the video, I nearly wet myself. LOL, great job Joey!