Monday, April 25, 2011

Sectional WOD #5

I felt the best yet out of all the Sectional competition wods in this one.  One of the areas I wanted improvement on in 2011 was 20min workouts.  I hate them, as I think most "crossfitters" do because it is just 20 min of pain.  So I was nervous going into this one for this reason but also because I needed to test myself to see where I stand in these longer wods.  The only part that was reassuring to me was that all three movements I like.  During the entire workout I felt good and had a great push at the end, and afterward I recovered quickly.  My score turned out to be very good throughout the world as well, so I was definitely happy with this.  It was a big relief because this was a confidence booster and it shows that my training has improved my aerobic capacity over the course of this year.  One more Sectional WOD to go, then Regionals will be here before I know it.


  1. I'd like to know what Matt is shouting at you going into the 14th round of T2B

  2. I think he was saying dont be a "pussy", this is where you pull ahead, get back on that bar, no time for rest!

  3. ha ha ha! awesome, seemed to work nice job bro! and yes only top 2.. it could get ugly up here.