Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Snatch, Overhead Squat, Run

Snatch & Overhead Squat from Joseph Warren on Vimeo.

Worked up to a 1 rep snatch - 175/185/195/failed x 2 @ 205
I think I can get 205 on a better day, evrything seemed to hurt today but pushed through, not advised, and eventually felt pretty good. Gained some confidence in the snatch because Its been a while since I went heavy. Need to pull that sucker back over my head, falling short out in front probably due to lack of confidence and I ddint feel too explosive.

Afterward I worked up to a heavy Overhead squat. I got 185/205/215/225/235. This surprised me as I have never gone for a heavy OHS. Later that night I ran 3 x 400m sprints. My times were 56s/62s/66s. This was another PR as my first sprint felt great, it fell off a little bit the last 2 sprints but I went close to 100% on the first one.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back is Back to Normal

OPT games prep wod 7/3/10 from Joseph Warren on Vimeo.

5 clean and jerks 185lb
10 pullups
10 clean and jerks 135lb
20 pullups
15 clean and jerks 95lb
30 pullups