Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Snatch, Overhead Squat, Run

Snatch & Overhead Squat from Joseph Warren on Vimeo.

Worked up to a 1 rep snatch - 175/185/195/failed x 2 @ 205
I think I can get 205 on a better day, evrything seemed to hurt today but pushed through, not advised, and eventually felt pretty good. Gained some confidence in the snatch because Its been a while since I went heavy. Need to pull that sucker back over my head, falling short out in front probably due to lack of confidence and I ddint feel too explosive.

Afterward I worked up to a heavy Overhead squat. I got 185/205/215/225/235. This surprised me as I have never gone for a heavy OHS. Later that night I ran 3 x 400m sprints. My times were 56s/62s/66s. This was another PR as my first sprint felt great, it fell off a little bit the last 2 sprints but I went close to 100% on the first one.


  1. Nice Joey! Now I see what you were saying yesterday about locking my arms out right away. So proud to call you my trainer!

  2. Hey Joey,

    I watched you at the games, nice work. I'm aj moore, I won the NC/SC sectional and got hurt at the dirty south regional. Just wanted to say good job and point out the reason you might be missing that snatch is doesn't look like your setting your back tight enough, this will allow you to control the bar better and get it back to where you need to receive it. ANyways, just my .02.