Sunday, August 8, 2010

Post Crossfit Games

I wont go into too much detail on my thoughts of the Games, but I want to say that they were fun, inspiring, and a great learning experience.  I thought the workouts at the Games were perfctly designed exposing many weakness and representing true athletes.  It was inspiring to see all the great athletes pushing their limits which has motivated me to push harder and try to find more potential within.  My greatest weakness I saw in myself was my mental toughness and fear of failing.  I saw the best times in most events were from athletes who pushed the limits and failed one or two reps.  That will be my focus for the next couple weeks or so, to push myself to failure.  I want t fail more often.  As I approach competition I can then work on more strategy and pacing, but for now Im gonna go hard, dig deep, and see how much more I got.  If I fail, I know I will learn and grow.  

Here is a video of a workout where I failed a few reps, it was good because I pushed hard and learned that not having a false grip muscle up makes it much more difficult.  I still want to push harder on squat cleans, i have to get rid of that fear of getting tired and failing.

Todays workout I may not have pushed hard enough. It was unbroken sets which made me think to pace a little, but at the end it may have been easier than I expected. I need to push failure. I need to test my mental toughness!

5 Rounds:
25 x unbroken wall ball toss
10 unbroken chest to bar pullups

t= 6:29


  1. Joey,

    I like your attitude of wanting to fail more. From my experience at regionals if you aren't use to not having a WOD go your away or to plan you panic in the heat of the moment and possibly mentally defeat yourself, or at least thats what I have found. After reading this its something I am inspired to work on, and not focus purely on the outcome of the WOD!

  2. Definitely Wes, I think it also helps you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, if you take yourself there more often you have more confidence to get through it. Also it takes less thinking in a wod and just going, so its good to try for a while inbetween competitions. Goodluck man, and what training are you doing right now, no OPT's?

  3. Well put Joey! The last year following OPT I saw such good progress with the generalized programming I wanted to take it a step further and get personalized programming, so I have hired Michael Fitzgerald to program for me.
    I have also recently signed up for the OPT program design module, pretty pumped to learn a lot of the ideas behind this type of programming!