Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009 DailyOm.com

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit
Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Exercise and physical activity could invigorate you today. It might be that by moving your body you are able to stretch the reaches of your mind and refresh every aspect of your life. Getting out in nature and feeling your feet connect to the solidity of the earth could ground you in the present and infuse your life with the joys of simply being. Finding time to do something physical, whether it is a yoga practice, tai chi, or a form of aerobic exercise could help strengthen this feeling of connection. If you can, you might also use your physical practice to inspire your spiritual one by paying attention to the thoughts you tend to have when your breath increases. Doing so could strengthen the bond you have between your body and your mind, making your practice a moving meditation.

Today's Workout:
high hang clean x 1/ hang clean x 2/ squat clean x 3 - 135,155,175,185,195
slow tempo pull ups x3 - 45lb, 50, 55, 60, 65

3 rounds
Amrap chin ups
Amrap air squats in 60 sec
rest 1 min

Friday, August 21, 2009

Moral in every workout!!!

I have been keeping up with all my workouts, and taking much more with them than previous. I have been trying to keep in tune with how the workouts feel and learning and experimenting. I used to focus on best time and beating the guy next to me. Lately I want to know how I can make each workout fit my needs. I feel i need more strength and endurance, so to work on these I have been focusing more on them in the workouts. If during a workout, there is a strength component I will focus on that part, and solely on that part. We will see if this will help me gain strength. To workout on endurance, on workouts monostructural dominant (primarily endurance), such as today I experimented with going balls out right off the bat. I was gassed immediately, and it probably hurt my time. Did it help me better my endurance, probably because I reach my max heart rate really early testing my work capacity for the rest of the workout. So does this have efficacy in training, yes, in competition, no, because I will not get best time. Both are good ways to train. I think it is good to try to increase work capacity by going balls out, but it is also good to practice strategy. I am playing around with both ways of training and learned a valuable lesson today. Mix it up! Both ways are good. Crossfit is a constant psychological game.

Today's wod:
400m run
10 muscle ups
150 double unders
10 MU's
400m row
10 muscle ups

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back training again!!!

So i am going to follow a workout program implemented by James Fitzgerald.  I will try to follow that religiously as I do not want to stress about the workouts for a while.  It will be good for my mental state so I am not always in competition mode.  I will plan on having periodic competitions to test myself.  This will give me periods where I increase the intensity leading up to the competition and then back off to start all over again.  The workout will also offer me an opportunity to try new and different workouts and be part of a different community as it is coming all the way from Calgary Canada.  James Fitzgerald has been training for a loooong time and it looks like he knows his stuff.  He writes down all the work/ rest intervals,  nutrition, and intensities of each workout.  He takes the thinking out of the work, so I can just focus on the work.  He has produced many elite crossfitters, including himself.  I am hoping to become more fit, eat more healthy, and gain knowledge from following this Canadian community.
My workout today:
3 sets:
12 x SDHP: + 2 min row:
(135,135,115) (wanted more explosion on last set)
 570m, 565m, 570m

3 sets:
12 x 70lb KB + 2min run 
approx. 450m

20 x pushups, 20 x box hops 24" (tap n go), 20 anchored abmat sit ups