Friday, August 21, 2009

Moral in every workout!!!

I have been keeping up with all my workouts, and taking much more with them than previous. I have been trying to keep in tune with how the workouts feel and learning and experimenting. I used to focus on best time and beating the guy next to me. Lately I want to know how I can make each workout fit my needs. I feel i need more strength and endurance, so to work on these I have been focusing more on them in the workouts. If during a workout, there is a strength component I will focus on that part, and solely on that part. We will see if this will help me gain strength. To workout on endurance, on workouts monostructural dominant (primarily endurance), such as today I experimented with going balls out right off the bat. I was gassed immediately, and it probably hurt my time. Did it help me better my endurance, probably because I reach my max heart rate really early testing my work capacity for the rest of the workout. So does this have efficacy in training, yes, in competition, no, because I will not get best time. Both are good ways to train. I think it is good to try to increase work capacity by going balls out, but it is also good to practice strategy. I am playing around with both ways of training and learned a valuable lesson today. Mix it up! Both ways are good. Crossfit is a constant psychological game.

Today's wod:
400m run
10 muscle ups
150 double unders
10 MU's
400m row
10 muscle ups

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