Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back training again!!!

So i am going to follow a workout program implemented by James Fitzgerald.  I will try to follow that religiously as I do not want to stress about the workouts for a while.  It will be good for my mental state so I am not always in competition mode.  I will plan on having periodic competitions to test myself.  This will give me periods where I increase the intensity leading up to the competition and then back off to start all over again.  The workout will also offer me an opportunity to try new and different workouts and be part of a different community as it is coming all the way from Calgary Canada.  James Fitzgerald has been training for a loooong time and it looks like he knows his stuff.  He writes down all the work/ rest intervals,  nutrition, and intensities of each workout.  He takes the thinking out of the work, so I can just focus on the work.  He has produced many elite crossfitters, including himself.  I am hoping to become more fit, eat more healthy, and gain knowledge from following this Canadian community.
My workout today:
3 sets:
12 x SDHP: + 2 min row:
(135,135,115) (wanted more explosion on last set)
 570m, 565m, 570m

3 sets:
12 x 70lb KB + 2min run 
approx. 450m

20 x pushups, 20 x box hops 24" (tap n go), 20 anchored abmat sit ups


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