Thursday, June 11, 2009

Formula for Success

Here is the formula to have great workouts every week and remain healthy and injury free!!! Eat nutritious meals in between workouts, sleep 7-8 hours, take a rest day every two to three days (active recovery), perform myofascial release and stretch, lay off the drugs as in motrin and advil (and other recreational drugs), use cold treatment as needed (ice cup, ice bath, ect) and take fish oil.  To read more in detail check out this link from Crossfit Invictus down in San Diego. 

How many of the recommendations do you do every week? 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


June 9, 2009
An Enlivening Force
Cultivating Inspiration

We all know inspiration when we feel it. It is a force that enlivens us and activates us to do something—we might dance, sing, paint the house, or envision a new career. We might call an old friend or plan a trip abroad. Whatever the case, doing what we do from a place of inspiration makes all things seem possible. Inspiration sometimes comes out of nowhere, landing unexpectedly in the midst of your life and lifting you out of your habitual mind and into a higher level of seeing. However, we can be more intentional with our relationship with inspiration than just waiting for it to come to us. There are many ways to cultivate its presence, from journaling to scrap booking to visiting with a particularly interesting friend. Finding what inspires you and consciously cultivating it will give you access to new ways of thinking and energy you didn’t know you had. 

Some people find that frequent trips into nature inspire them. Others have a box full of objects—a seashell, an old photograph, or even a collection of rocks—that does the trick. There are as many ways to find inspiration as there are people looking for it. If you already know what inspires you, find a way to incorporate it into your life on a regular basis. If you aren’t sure what inspires you, or if it has changed, take some time to think about it. When was the last time you felt the spark of your imagination? When was the last time you acted on an impulse that felt totally right? When we are in the presence of what inspires us, we hear our inner guidance more clearly and we have the energy to follow its cues.

What inspires you? 

My inspiration comes from friends, family, and hard work (Crossfit)