Sunday, August 7, 2011


See the previous post, I added more of my workouts from the previous 2 weeks.

I did Fran yesterday as I wanted to test my breathing and strength.  The strength gains really help with this as the weights just feel so light.  The first time I did Fran close to 3 years ago, I got 2:52 and was destroyed the rest of the day, seriously.  Today I did it in 2:24, and walked away from it feeling totally fine.  I taught a class for the next hour and then did another short workout.  It was from Deejays blog:

30 wall climbs for time = 6:33
These get so tough after abut 10.

Now its time for some relaxation as Fran has been hanging over me for some time.

Building a Base:
This is what I mean about building a base.  The last few years I have built this glycolytic energy system and strength where Fran does not knock me on the floor.  I knew I wanted to test myself in Fran a few weeks ago as I have never really done a true Fran when I feel my fitness is good or it's always been CTB.  So I had the focus the previous few weeks that this was coming so once a week I added some 2-3 min all out sprints which culminated with this Fran, and felt fine.  Having that focus and building a base, is what allows me to perform well without getting killed.  I wouldn't want to take some time off then start back up with Fran, I would just get killed and not perform well, so it wouldn't be worth it.  For example if I did a 5k row right now I would get killed, so over the course of the year I will build an endurance base and do that when I know I can perform well. I don't want to build that now because I need to get stronger.  That's why Crossfit is great with all these benchmark wods, I can test myself to see where I'm at and what needs improvement.  This isn't only done with Crossfit wods as I do it with strength lifts and runs, rows, ect.  I've been doing this long enough where I have an entire arsenal of wods to choose from to test myself and I know how they should feel.  Right now as I'm building some strength I thought Fran would be a good focus as it's pretty short.  I will continue to focus on strength but want to see how I do in a little bit of a longer one like a 2k row, 1 mile run, Jackie, Helen, or something like that.  That will be my focus over the next month.  How I continue with strength is yet to be determined; either another month of Wendler (higher reps for muscular stamina) or start doing Olympic lifting (more neurological training).  Maybe slowly introduce some Oly lifting while finishing the Wendler.

Friday, August 5, 2011

past 2 weeks

The last couple weeks have been busy.  I started a teaching credential program, increased the volume of my training, and went to the Crossfit Games last weekend.  The theme I took away from the competition was all the best athletes were very strong.  That is what I have been working on and just the last couple weeks I have increased the volume to see if I can still get strength gains.  I seem to be handling it fine.  Below is what I have been doing.  This is not all of my workouts, but the ones that I test myself in, the rest are really just specific skills or building a base.

2 weeks ago I did Sectional Wod #1 - I beat my previous 2 scores with a score of 387 which was surprising.  This is simply a conditioning workout:
10 min amrap:
15 power snatches 75lb
30 double unders

The next day I did a track workout from the Anvil:
150m Sprint @ 90-95%; rest 2 min x 12 (rest 10 min between 6 & 7)
This felt good as I need more speed work, rarely do I go anything shorter than 400m or 30 sec.

In between the sprints and strength wods, I've been slowly increasing my power endurance, typically on a bike so I don't blow out my hamstrings/glutes.  Such things as:
Airdyne: 1min@90%/1min@50%x15
5min Airdyne @95%
I will add in some more swimming (not becasue it was at the Games) but because it is a great way to work on breathing and lay off the joints.

Later that week:
5 rounds for time:
185lb power clean x 4
8 x burpees

Today I did a track workout from a year ago.  Today was a few seconds slower than previous which I think shows my conditioning is down some:
5 Rounds:
400m run; rest 1 min - 72/77/77/78/78
rest 10min
800m run - 2:47

This week was the culmination of my second month of doing the Wendler cycle.  This has been my main focus and I'm still getting progress with higher volume.

Back Squat - 305lb x 8 - I think I have more in me, this was after a long unhealthy weekend in Carson (which does not have many healthy restaurants, I lived off Paleokits for the weekend)

Deadlift - 345lb x 18 - felt a lot better here, huge PR

I'm deciding where I should go from here;  There was a quote on the crossfit homepage by Ken Blanchard that reads:

  • "There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results."
This is where I have to decide if I want to commit to following a program or continue doing my own.  I like committing because this quote says what is too often seen with people, they are interested and not committed at ll costs, so they only push hard when it's convenient.  If I follow a program I commit 100% and make no excuses and get pushed when I don't want to do it.  I also like following a program because I tend to overtrain myself. On the other hand, I'm experienced enough to know what I need and to listen to my body.  The strength has been going great and I think I need it.  So I will do a couple testers this next week (Fran tomorrow, maybe a longer one like a 2k row or FGB) and then I'm doing a local competition at LifeWorx Crossfit, so I will assess where I am at and make a decision from there.