Sunday, August 7, 2011


See the previous post, I added more of my workouts from the previous 2 weeks.

I did Fran yesterday as I wanted to test my breathing and strength.  The strength gains really help with this as the weights just feel so light.  The first time I did Fran close to 3 years ago, I got 2:52 and was destroyed the rest of the day, seriously.  Today I did it in 2:24, and walked away from it feeling totally fine.  I taught a class for the next hour and then did another short workout.  It was from Deejays blog:

30 wall climbs for time = 6:33
These get so tough after abut 10.

Now its time for some relaxation as Fran has been hanging over me for some time.

Building a Base:
This is what I mean about building a base.  The last few years I have built this glycolytic energy system and strength where Fran does not knock me on the floor.  I knew I wanted to test myself in Fran a few weeks ago as I have never really done a true Fran when I feel my fitness is good or it's always been CTB.  So I had the focus the previous few weeks that this was coming so once a week I added some 2-3 min all out sprints which culminated with this Fran, and felt fine.  Having that focus and building a base, is what allows me to perform well without getting killed.  I wouldn't want to take some time off then start back up with Fran, I would just get killed and not perform well, so it wouldn't be worth it.  For example if I did a 5k row right now I would get killed, so over the course of the year I will build an endurance base and do that when I know I can perform well. I don't want to build that now because I need to get stronger.  That's why Crossfit is great with all these benchmark wods, I can test myself to see where I'm at and what needs improvement.  This isn't only done with Crossfit wods as I do it with strength lifts and runs, rows, ect.  I've been doing this long enough where I have an entire arsenal of wods to choose from to test myself and I know how they should feel.  Right now as I'm building some strength I thought Fran would be a good focus as it's pretty short.  I will continue to focus on strength but want to see how I do in a little bit of a longer one like a 2k row, 1 mile run, Jackie, Helen, or something like that.  That will be my focus over the next month.  How I continue with strength is yet to be determined; either another month of Wendler (higher reps for muscular stamina) or start doing Olympic lifting (more neurological training).  Maybe slowly introduce some Oly lifting while finishing the Wendler.

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