Friday, April 29, 2011

Recovery Day

Im doing the last Sectional competition workout tomorrow and I'm hoping to finish this feeling great to give me some confidence going into the next month before Regionals.

Today I was feeling a little tired and sore.  Yesterday I did a run where I think I felt the best I have ever felt running.  The workout was:

Jog for 10 min
3 sets of:
30 sec tough run
30 sec sprint
then 3 min jog; repeat 5 times
Jog for 10 min

Hopefully this feeling persists through the weekend when I test my 2 mile run on the track.

Since my legs were tired today I focused on some recovery.  I worked 5 hours today so this is what I fit in throughout the day:

45min massage and stretch - lacrosse ball mobility between shoulder blades, ball in glutes, and ball in VMO.  Trigger point foam roller on calves and hip flexors.  Shoulder extension stretch with band, hip flexor stretch on wall, hamstring stretch with strap, and pigeon stretch on box.  I felt a lot better after this session.

Ice batch - 10 min in then 3 sets of out for 2 min/in for 2 min

Late afternoon:
1 hour nap-  This felt needed and I was refreshed afterward.

I finished the day with a great healthy meal in preparation for my early morning competition.

I roasted a whole chicken with garlic, lemon, and herbs along with some sweet potatoes.  The side salad was a broccoli salad that I made from a lady who puts out a great blog  The salad turned out fantastic.  I diced up a bunch of broccoli and threw in bacon (which makes EVERYTHING better), apple, carrots, green onions, fresh dill, olive oil, vinegar, and mustard.  I added some walnuts which weren't on the recipe.  Check out the full recipe here.   This salad turned out great and I will enjoy it all week as there were tons leftover.

It was a great way to wrap up my day and Im feeling prepared to go give it my all in the morning, then wrap up the competition and gear up for the month of May!

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