Thursday, April 7, 2011

Putting it all together

Crossfit is so difficult because just when you start to feel good at one thing you get your butt kicked by something totally different.  It's hard to put it all together:

a long run, a short sprint, a heavy lift, moving fast with light weights for a long time, lifting heavy weight after a long metcon.

I have been focusing on my conditioning since I was hurting with lighter weight in the first 2 Sectional WODs.  Just when my focus has shifted toward moving consistently in longer wods, I have to switch my mentality and go hard for 5 minutes with a heavier load.  It's hard to put it all together to where no matter what you do you feel good.  That is a product of proper training and programming.  I think I am on the proper path to feeling good at whatever is thrown at me.  In this workout from a couple days ago, I was surprised at how good I felt throughout.

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