Saturday, June 12, 2010

Games Prep WOD from 2007

The workout today was from the first Crossfit Games competition in 2007. It consisted of:

1000m row
then 5 rounds of:
25 pullups
7 push jerks 135lb

the winning time in 2007 was 13:07

OPT WOD 6/12/10: 2007 Games Row, Pullups, push jerk from Joseph Warren on Vimeo.

Paced myself to beat 13 min, beter than expected.


  1. Awesome Work man and good luck in the games!

    Just curious as to what your diet looks like..Paleo, Zone, both... and what does a typical day of eating look like (food types).. Also are you doing anything different with your food from now until the games?

    Thanks for your feedback!!

  2. Thanks Covino, I eat Paleo and try to stay balanced in zone proportions. Its not always strict as I let myself splurge a couple times a week. But as the training intensity increases and I get closer to competition I get more strict. Then my splurges look more like another mans daily diet. Then my splurge maybe overeating one night. I try to find the right balance. Typical day: Eggs in the morning with veggies, mid morning fruit, nuts, and turkey, post wod fuel (sweet potatoes, protein powder or meat), lunch = salad, maybe one more snack and dinner = meat and veggies.