Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shout out from Robb Wolf

Check me out on Robb Wolf's blog where he posted my email I wrote to him about how his diet helped me.

People always ask "what should I eat" and expect a simple answer.  It takes more than a minute to educate on nutrition and find what each person is willing to do to change their diet.  If you want a one liner on what to eat, here it is: "eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar."  This is basic a paleolithic diet.  If you want to be more precise by measuring and accounting for exactly what you eat, you can use the zone diet.  All these resources can be found under the nutrition tab on the right side bar.

Here is the long response of what to eat with my experience:
I have been tweaking my diet with all of this for about three months now as there are many variations.  Following the zone diet will help you lean out as I lost about 8 lb (not intentionally) from doing so, which may have been too lean for me.  I leaned out even following the athlete zone diet which ups your fat intake to replace all the calories you burn from exercise.  I increased my fat intake 5 times the normal amount and still remained light.  This shows that I metabolized a lot of fat for my energy source, not carbs, proving you do not need carbs for energy ( but it does take a transition period for your body to switch). I lost some weight due also in part to the paleolithic aspect of my diet where all my calories came from wholesome natural foods such as meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts (and obviously no alcohol!). I simply was not consuming enough calories (at least to maintain the body weight that I wanted in order to lift heavy weights).  I did no gluten (breads, pastries, pastas), no grains, no beans, and no dairy.  My energy level  felt great and my recovery each and every day was awesome.  After every workout I felt like I was going to die and by the next day I was ready to go again.  Also before all this I had tendonitis in my shoulder which hurt for about 6 months.  During this diet in never hurt again (this paleolithic diet claims to reduce inflammation). I suggest to give it a try!!! 

So whats next:  After my competition I splurged all week (a bacon, avocado, blue cheese 2/3lb burger, milk shake, french fries, cake, beer, deep fried shrimp, brownies, gelato, and maybe more.).  I felt very sick and my inflammation was back in my shoulder.  Now I am not blaming my diet completely because I think a large part of my sickness and shoulder was due to the fact that the competition workout was the hardest workout of my entire life, but my diet was not helping me in any way that week.  So now I am going to go back to a gluten free paleolithic diet, but maybe not so strict for a few weeks as to give myself a little break.  Now for me to gain a little weight, I am going to put dairy back into my diet, and maybe a larger quantity than normal to get a large initial weight gain, and then back off when needed.  Lets see how it goes!!!

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