Monday, May 18, 2009


Check out this article on the proper positioning for the Clean and terminology:
The Scoop and second pull

Regoli: Good first pull (deadlift) but continue to straighten the knees and work on the scoop and the second pull) (re-bending the knees, getting the spine upright to explode the bar straight up and drop under it).  Watch your elbows and how slow they are compared to Chelsea's and Joey"s.  See how your elbows end directly under the bar, they should be in front of bar in the rack (front squat) position.  You are catching the bar with your hands which is harder the heavier you go!
Chelsea:  Looks good!  Keep upping the weight and make sure you get that first pull (deadlift) to the top of the knees and you explode (scoop) the weight up and get the elbows around.
Joey:  Needs work on the first pull and keeping the chest up a little bit on first pull (deadlift) and then dropping under the bar while staying back on heels.  TO work on this you can practice heavy deadlifts (or pulls) and front squats (or drop squats).


  1. Good article! Chelsea makes this look easy!

  2. Joey...great job on the video and explanation of the movements. Chelsea, nice work....i am totally impressed!