Saturday, February 5, 2011

Practice makes Perfect

Another good week...

Since they announced that I'm competing in the sectionals, I've been pumped. I really dialed in my nutrition, recovery, intensity, and focus. This week was a good week full of workouts. I hit a couple PR's in the end of the week that I will post the next couple days.

Here is the workout I did in the middle of the week that was more of a fun one:

Row 500 m in 1:36
walk rest 5 min x 6 - 135.5/135.1/136.0/135.9/136.1/136.2

3 rds for time:
15 KBS - 2pd
3 rope ascents - 15'
25 ghd sit ups
20 box jumps - 20"

This is the first time I got to practice rope climbs since the Games. I have practiced the foot position a lot before but it makes a huge difference trying to do it when you're dead tired, which I found out the hard way at the Games. I thought I would be fine with rope climbs, but in practice I get away with poor foot position because of my upper body strength. At the Games, my arms were so fatigued that I had to rely on my legs to get up that rope, but my technique was piss poor and I couldn't move up. I had the idea of where to place my feet but I missed a small point. I needed to reach my legs far up the rope like I was doing knees to elbows while leaning back, lock the feet in position, then pull myself up the rope. If you look at the top picture, you can see how upright I am, I should be leaning back and reaching up with my feet. I do it better in the video but I still need to get better and quicker at locking my feet into place. This is much more difficult when tired, just like anything else. It also makes a huge difference when the rope is 5 feet higher. Another thing that will take some time perfecting!

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