Sunday, February 6, 2011


Yesterday morning I did "Christine." I was kind of nervous because I have been focusing on some strength while only hitting a Crossfit-style metcon (metabolic conditioning) once a week or so. This makes me think I have to push extra hard when I do a metcon, plus I'm not quite as confident as when I do them all the time.

So I was planning on sleeping in and doing it in the afternoon, but my friend wanted to do it with me early AM, so I took the opportunity to get a push. I was happy with my performance as I seem to be maintaining my conditioning or even seeing improvement. I felt fast during it and everything felt good. By good I mean how I felt throughout; this is a huge gauge of how I determine where my fitness is currently at. Felt like I had a couple more rounds in me at that pace, so maybe next time push harder on the rower.

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