Friday, February 25, 2011


I had some tester wods the last couple of days to see where I'm at with my training.

The first one was:

1 RM Back Squats
1 RM Hang Power Clean
1 RM Close Grip Bench Press
(video below)

then the next day I did:

2km row for time

My time was 6:40.2. My previous best was a 6:50 so I'm very happy with this and I felt great throughout.

Tomorrow I have one more tester, it's a 15 min amrap.


  1. watching your progress, I cannot tell you how happy I am that the NorCal and SoCal Regionals are separate this're going to crush it up there!

    -Colin Jenkins

  2. bro! you're ridiculous! love it! do you ever skype? let's make it happen asap...or let me know when the best time to contact you is this weekend and I'll hit ya up...need some advice on shoulder strength