Thursday, February 24, 2011

A sore day

A few days ago I had a couple brutal workouts that got me really sore. I cant tell if I just haven't done any volume like this in a while or if they truly were just tough. Either way i was sore! Here are the workouts:

3 rds for time:
Run 800 m
7 rope ascents - 15'
35 back extensions
time= 20:41 (video below)

running clock burpees - I hit 20 minutes
rest 10 min
AMRAP DU"S in 5 min - 347
rest 10 min
for time:
row 500 m
75 sit ups
row 500 m (time - 5:38)
rest 10 min
200 walking lunges for time - all unbroken in 4:39

I had some more burpees in me, but I'm not sure if I could have completed 21, so I stopped after 20, most likely from fear of what was ahead of me. I hit up some more PR's I will post this week!


  1. Joey,

    Did the 3RFT of the 800 m Run, 7 Rope Climbs, and 35 back extensions. Killer WOD! Keep up the inspiration man, nice to have fresh WODs and something to chase from over here in Iraq. Keep up the hard work, you'll do great in the Games this year!
    SFC Clint Keeley (U.S. ARMY)

  2. Thanks man, keep workin hard yourself and stay safe! But, you cant do the wod without telling me your time? How did you do?

  3. Joey,

    Fair enough! Time was 28:25..ropes gassed me. First time in 8 months at a base with ropes. Just dont think there is any real substitute for rope climbs. Mind if I send you a email regarding training tips for myself and some of my soldiers? Thanks for responding man!

  4. You can shoot me an email anytime!