Thursday, December 30, 2010


Back to single day workouts this week which feels like nothing compared to the last couple weeks where I was extremely busy with a double day almost every day.  I feel my body recovering which feels great.   Plus I started doing ice baths for 10 min every other day.  While this is one of the more painful things I have to do (feels like Fran), it only lasts a few minutes then you go numb.  I used to do these in college football and they truly help.  I feel so much better afterward.  I think it is my favorite thing to help recovery, better than anything else I have ever used.  If you have not done it, try it!

Here have been my workouts this week so far.  All have felt good, and feeling very recovered!

Airdyne sprints:
30 sec @ 90% effort
30 sec 50% effort x 10
rest 3 min off bike
repeat x 3
Heart rate was between 165 and 179 after the 30 sec sprints for the last two sets of ten.

5 sets:
10 split jerk - 135#
15 KBS - 2pd
30 double unders
20 sit ups anchored
rest 4 min 

A. Squat Clean - build to a tough 3 but NOT a 3RM
B. FS @ 30X1; 4 sets of 2 - tough but perfect form; rest 2 min
C1. Squat CLean Thruster - 5 sets of 5 unbroken heavy - work on speed and form; rest 20 sec
C2. 25 chin ups unbroken x 5; rest 5 min

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