Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Double Day

Saturday and Sunday double days are always a little tough for me, it seems that the workouts consume my entire weekend and then I feel like I don't have much weekend at all.  Well last night I had a couple beers at a social networking event and ate pretty bad.  I woke up regretting that as I did not feel very good at all, salt and alcohol did not sit well with me.  But my workouts didnt seem to suffer, I just had a little bit of a headache and my stomach was sensitive.  Not gonna do that again for a while, it really sucked.  Well here are my workouts, tomorrow is rest day, and I'm gonna take it easy and eat healthy.

hill runs - 45 sec up @ 80% grinder pace
run downeasy 2:15 x 5
walk rest 10 min
repeat 5 more times 
alll felt good, got a little hammie burn but not too much at 80%

7 sets; 
Power Clean - 90 kg x 5
Row sprint 200 m @ 95%
rest 3 min
cleans @ 200lb - all unbroken tap n go
rows all at 1:30 pace or slightly below

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