Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting stronger... and sore

A couple days ago I felt really good after a day off from FGB. I did 3 sets of 3 reps front squats @ 225/235/235. I mixed in 3 sets of 25 unbroken chest to bar pullups with the last set going to 28. This all felt fine but I was sore from it.

Yesterday morning I jogged for 25 min, longest I've gone in a while. The only thing that got hard was my calves tightened up, just think its been a while. In the PM I did:

5 x DL 315lb
10 ring dips
15 DUs
rest 2:30

This felt very easy but again I was sore, especially my back, hmmm, weird easy but sore.

Today I did:
5x3 bench press
3x3 split jerk 80%
3x3 push press

Last 3 sets of bench were at 275lb but needed a spot. Split jerk I worked up to 205lb and push press worked up to 210lb which was just about my max. Good last few days. Everything felt easy but Im really sore! Day off tomorrow, Ill get fully recovered and get back on it through the weekend.

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