Thursday, December 2, 2010

KBS / Burpee

Did a very similar wod to the other day and felt good again.  Watching the video I wish I moved a little quicker with more pop, but I always say that after watching it.  I'm happy that I stayed moving at a consistent pace the entire time and felt good afterward.  The wod was:

3 rounds:
25 KBS 70lb
25 burpees

FGB tomorrow!!!

KBS/ Burpee from Joseph Warren on Vimeo.


  1. nice job on that workout! It looks like OPT is having us do some similar workouts (I did that one just the other week and am doing FGB on Sat). It will be cool to continue comparing times for a little bit of motivation.

  2. CJ, do you have your times posted somewhere we can compare? That would be cool, its always fun to compete with someone else. Hope all is well down in SD!

  3. og this is Colin (for some strange reason it will only let me comment here as CJ...).

    I ended up with 7:13 on that workout, you flew through that one!

  4. Oh got it, haha I thought you were CJ martin down in SD. Yeah I checked out your blog, our program does look similar. I see you do quite a bit of z1 training in the morning, what is the purpose of that, recovery, increase endurance? Anyway goodluck on FGB!

  5. Michael had me do this one today it was tough. I already knew both of you guys did it prior to doing it. Thats the only thing I miss with the individual programing that I can't look at other times. You guys are both killing it keep it up!