Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling Good... again

After I took the weekend off from a little hamstring strain, I played around with some wods the last couple days.  Yesterday AM i did a light jog and it felt fine.  So in the afternoon I did some upperbody:

5 sets:
push press x 3  rest 20 sec @ 185/195/205/210/215
25 unbroken pullups rest 4 min

This all felt fine.  In the PM i wanted to test my hammie some.  I warmed up on the rower and it felt good so I rowed harder and it still felt fine.  I started with:

3 sets of amrap ring handstand pushups rest 4 min - 13/12/12

This is the best I felt with these.  Afterward I did a 2k row and pushed it just about 100%.  I PR'ed with a 6:50 and laid on the floor for about 10 min, I haven't felt that much burn in a long time.  My hamstring felt great and actually even felt better.  I think this shows I just needed to work some junk out of there.  I've been mysofascial massaging and icing non stop and I think this is all I needed to do to get it feeling good.  It just needed some love.  

Today I tested it even more with SDHP.  I did

5 rounds at 95% of:
15 SDHP 75lb 
15 burpees - only push last 15 burpees

See video of this is below.  It felt great.  In the PM I did some light deads, some squat cleans and split jerks.  I finished with a mile run at 90% and finished in 6 min flat.  Felt kind of slow here but it was late and still testing the hammie.

I think the hamstring is good to go now, now its time to pick up the intensity and make up for the time I missed.  Moral of this is give some love to my hamstrings.  I need to spend more time stretching, warming up, and doing some mysofascial release.

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