Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas program

After a little testing day I took two days off over Christmas.  It was good to relax some, hang out with family, and eat some good food.  I ate some bad things, mixed in some good healthy foods, and had a couple desserts.  For the most part I stayed away from desserts but I did have a quite a few beers.  It tasted good and I needed it as I was a little broken down.  This next week will be tough right before New Years as I have a lot of dinner parties to go to.  I plan I continuing to work hard and relaxing here and there this next week.

This next cycle of workouts mixes in a lot of squats with speed work.  Just planning on plain and simple work slowly adding some volume  with no surprises.  There are also a lot of power endurance and endurance workouts mixed in as well.  Some of these involve swimming, hiking, and biking.  These will add some diversity to my workouts and should be fun.  Todays wod involved this:

A. Back Squat with light bands @ 20X1; 10 sets of 3; rest 45 sec b/t sets - 135# barbell plus bands per side
B. Back Squat - build to a tough triple on the 2 minute timer 
C1. DB High bench step ups @ 3121; - 24" box - 12/leg x 3; rest 1 min
C2. 15 CTB chin ups x 3; rest 1 min

Here is a video of a couple sets of band squats and step ups.  The band squats felt good and should be a way to add more speed and strength to my squats.  Step ups were hard to hold tempo but felt them right in the hammies so I know they were working.  Looking forward to this next cycle and the New Year!

OPT wod 12/26/10 from Joseph Warren on Vimeo.

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