Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Big Storm

I did hill sprints 45 sec up/ 2:15 down x 12.  It was a glute/hammie burner, but felt good and consistent especially considering the awful conditions.  It is storming pretty good today.  After the first couple sprints my legs started feeling heavy and I got drenched making my shoes and shorts weighing about 3lb each.  

This 3 day cycle has been a lot of power endurance and shoulders/scapular strength.  A couple days ago I did a 30 min jog and then max strict pullups mixed with back squat for 6 sets.  Highest rep strict pullups was 27 and lowest was 16.  Squats felt a lot better than last week.

Yesterday I did airdyne sprints 1 min 90%/1 min 50% for 20 sets.   4 hours later I did 60 muscle ups in 16min plus some ring stability work of L-sits and front leaning rest or plank on rings.  My core is pretty sore.  

Hill sprints this morning was a production in the rain and later Im going back to the gym to do another burner.  I will film it and post later...

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