Friday, March 25, 2011


I redid the Sectional wod #1, and tried to hold on to a faster pace, but fell off harder than before.  I got a lower score than my first time.  This shows me a couple things.  I need to improve my conditioning if I want to get better.  This kind of scares me because it shows me how much work I have ahead of me.  It also shows that the first time I did it, I gave it 100%.  By giving 100%,  I mean that I gamed it well, pushed with everything I have, and remained consistent on my set of skills of double unders and snatch under fatigue.  This is good because it shows that when I have one shot at a wod, I can do pretty well to achieve my best score.  This is bad because it shows if I want to keep up with some of the top performers, I need to improve my conditioning.  Here we go!

Today I did the workout below, which was kind of fun, and felt a lot better than that Sectional wod.

Later, I rowed a 5k time trial.  My time was 18:10, 2 seconds off my previous PR from over a year ago.  Time to really start improving the conditioning!


  1. Thx Clint, I've seen that I have my work cut out for me. I'm gonna need to find that extra push the next couple months.