Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Sprints

I have been doing a lot of quick sprints lately, building on that anaerobic glycolytic system.

Here were my workouts over the weekend:

#1) build to a heavy squat clean in 10 min - I hit 245lb and still a lot left in tank

#2) amrap CTB pullups - I did 50 which felt great

#3) amrap cals on rower in 7 min - 156 cals - this burned like crazy

#4) WOD # 2 (see vid below)

#5) 5k run at 90-95% - by this time I was pretty tired and didn't feel like running in the storm, but I pushed through and had an OK run. I did it off road at the local trail which was very muddy and had 3 turnarounds. My time was 21:38.

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