Friday, May 25, 2012


Regionals did not go exactly as planned, except that I qualified.  As the weekend went along I had no clue how well I was going to do in each workout since they did not go how I imagined.  I was failing on reps I imagined I would get.  I thought I could do HSPU unbroken, I thought I could do hang cleans in 3's, I thought I could snatch 225lb, I didn't think I could do the single arm DB snatch unbroken, none of these happened.  By the last workout, I told myself to leave nothing on the table and just go by feeling, this went very well.  I have a couple more months to refine some things before I do it again July 13th in Carson.  First workout back will be tomorrow and Sunday, then I will have a good training week before I hit it hard for about 5 weeks.

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  1. Great job Joey! I'll be cheering for you in July! I wish we could have been competing together.