Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2

The second day was pretty much a disaster for me.  I knew what I had to do to stay top 3 and I didn't execute.  I new if I had the lead going into day 3 that I would be able to hold on, and I knew if I fell behind it would be very difficult to catch up.  

The deadlift wod was going to be my toughest wod so I paced myself to try to finish strong.  That strong finish never came and I finished with deadlifting doubles and slow on box jumps.  Now the weather didn't help as I was jumping out of a puddle on top of soft sand, but everyone was in the same boat so that didn't really matter.  I finished 15th which I was fine with, I knew it would come down to the second wod of the day;  that was going to be the determining factor.

I started by flying through 35 pullups, then all tens with little rest, theses felt great as I had very little lactic build up.  The kettlebells I stayed with tens with short rest and this was just a grip killer which I pushed through.  It affected the double unders a little which is where everyone caught up to me.  Again it was challenging jumping on soft ground.  It came down to who could finish the overhead squats the fastest as we were all within 10 reps of eachother.  This is where I shit the bed and I believe I lost the competition here.  I knew I needed to beat one of those top 4 guys, and if I did in that workout looking back on it now, I would of qualified.  I can't quite figure out what happened as I probably won't ever understand.  I lost sleep over it that night because it just kept running through my mind.  It's not that I didn't push hard I just had no legs left.  There was so much much lactic acid build up the kept building with every set where sets of 5 became difficult.  My rests became longer and I was not recovering.  My quads were just about cramping afterward and they are one of the most sore things on my body, along with my back.  This is how I know I got destroyed by that movement.  I typcially don't get that sore and if I do it means I got broken down.  Funny how my back and quads are the most sore on my body, and squats and deadlifts were my worst movements all weekend.  Maybe need a little more practice.  It took me about 10 min to finish the overhead squats.  I got 11th place in that one and was pretty defeated.

For those of you that are competing in the future, I would try this full workout to get a feel for the OHS.  It's worth it to be a little sore to get a pacing strategy.  I'm not sure if I slowed down prior to the OHS if it would have made a difference.  I don't think so.  I think my legs were not prepped enough for that volume of squatting.  The amazing thing is my back held up which I was much more worried about after the deadlifts, I never expected to be that crushed by the squats where I just could not physically do it.  I will think about those OHS for a long time.


  1. Hey dude,
    I'm a big big supporter of yours all the way from Australia and have been following your training for quite some time.

    Sorry to hear about your result over the weekend and I wish you nothing but the best for future competitions. I have no doubt that with your tenacity, talent and unrivaled commitment you will get to the games next year!

    Kind regards,
    Matty Kaplan

  2. Full effort Joey...way to represent.

  3. Great job Joey! Be proud of your efforts.

  4. Seriously nice work man. Proud to know you, dude.