Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to Training

I tried to get back to training last week after a week off from regionals and some debauchery.  I tried to do some squats and felt so weak and tight that I called it and just did a very light week thereafter.

This week I am back to training.  I am going to try to do a strength cycle, the Wendler, for the lower body lifts while I supplement with some gynmastics, hill sprints, short metcons, and longer recovery runs/rows/rides.  Im going to try this for 2-3 months and see it goes.  My schedule is going to be 2 on/1 off/ 2 on/ 2 off.  This will give me plenty of recovery days to see some strength improvements.  I will slowly add in some double days, then add an additional day.  My goal is to get stronger while maintaining good power and a good feeling in 5-10 min metcons.  But my ultimate goals is to enjoy the Summer and do workouts that are fun and eat some good food.  After this I will reassess and jump into a more regimented program while I build my aerobic system again and add volume.  Sounds like a plan for now!  This is what I have done early this week:

Wendler Squats
3 x 200lb
3 x 235lb
3 + amrap (9 reps) x 265lb
Split Squats 3 x 8-10 reps rest 45sec bt legs - 45lb/h, 55lb. 55lb
3x3 weighted pullups @ 1131 - 60lb/65lb/70lb

A1. Bentover row @ 1031 x 6-8 rest 20 sec - 115lb/145lb/155/155
A2. Amrap (-3) ring pushups @ X122 rest 3 min x 4 - 17/15/12/10
75 burpee pullups for time = 7:41
3 x 15 GHD situps @ 2020 rest 90 sec
rest 6 hours
jog for 5 min
45 sec hill sprint @ 80-90%
walk down 2:30
repeat x 6
jog for 5 min

Today is rest day, and tomorrow will be Wendler deadlifts and split jerk work.

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