Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Turkey Day Workout!

So going into a big Holiday I am always a little nervous with how much I will eat and if I will be able to control it. My body is not used to a sugar overload, gluten, dairy, and large quantities as I have gotten my diet under control to optimize my performance. So going into Thanksgiving I thought I would splurge a little but stay under control. Well that was not the case to say the least. I finished my first plate before many people were even half way. My second plate was probably the biggest on the table and finished that in no time. I went back to the kitchen knowing I was topped off and picked at few more things. After that I needed to stay moving so I wouldn't think how full I am so I did all the dishes. That took a good 45 min, and afterward dessert was served. By this point I thought Im in this deep I should just get it all out tonight. I indulged in apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Within about 5 min I got really uncomfortable and had sharp stomach pains. I immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up. No joke I ate until I puked.  Pretty embarrassing! Anyway lesson learned. I need to be more careful when indulging like that and take it slow, especially when my body is not used to it. I felt the same guilt as when you have one too many shots of alcohol and get really sick and are so hungover the next day you cannot move. I asked myself now was that worth it. Simple answer NO!

Anyway, from having that guilt for two days, I knew I needed to push myself as hard as ever in a workout and get back on track. Surprisingly I felt great, probably had a lot of stored energy haha.  No more splurges like that for a while.  Did this one with some friends to help push me. So here is the workout:

15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds for time of:
95lb power snatch

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  1. I love how this says "Poster Boy"! I witnessed your pain baby! Good job bouncing back!