Sunday, July 10, 2011


I will try to post more of my daily workouts to this page, and as they get more fun and interesting, I will take some videos again.  I just finished the first cycle of the Wendler strength and now Im on the deloading week, so this week will be a little lighter.  I saw good gains in my strength and now I will slowly add in some more metcons, aerobic stuff here and there, and add some volume.  This last month I just stuck to all short sprints such as hill sprints and sled pushes.  I kept almost everything to under 1 min intervals to really work on power.   Now I will be adding in a little bit more of 5 min metcons and an occasional aerobic power wod here and there.  I am supposed to be going up to a competition in Washington in mid August so I need to be somewhat prepared.  More to come on that.  I have been feeling good in all my testers I have given myself once a week.  Here are some of those:

5 RFT:
15 SDHP + 15 burpees = 6:00 (previous time = 5:35)

3 RFT:
50 unbroken wall ball
rest 2 min
completed with ease

I have also been adding in some more skill based wods and trying to have funn with these:
5 min amrap:
muscle up to HSPU 
0 sec rest
20 strict muscle ups
=10 in 5 min + 10 min for 20 MUs

Here are my strength numbers for the past 2 weeks on squats and deadlifts:
week 2 = 320lb x 10
week 3 = 335lb x 10
week 2 = 280lb x 12
week 3 = 295lb x 9

I have added some supplementary work like good mornings along with barbell forward lunges which I really like and will continue.

I will try a couple benchmark wods this month like Fran!


  1. Joey,
    Is the contest WODfest?

  2. Possibly, Mike Fitzgerald has been my coach for the last year(thats why I left the blog) and I haven't gotten the go from him yet on the contest. I will be sure to let you know if I am going to compete.