Sunday, May 22, 2011


The Regional workouts have been announced 2 weeks in advance.  Everybody asks me how do I like the mix of workouts, and I always tell them they look fine.  It really doesn't matter up to this point, I have put the training time in and now I just have to trust my fitness and hit them hard.  I will be worse at some of the wods, and better at others.  I will practice some of the skills and prep my neuromuscular system for some of the demands, but for the most part I will continue with my training which has been focused on speed.  I can't practice the wods because some have such high demand that it will tax my body too much, and I plan on feeling fresh and rested in two weeks so I really can't compare any trial runs to the game time.  I will say that I feel my training over the past year has prepped me perfectly for this competition.  I wanted to work on squats over the course of the year and then transfer that strength to speed which is perfect for the max thruster.  The last month I worked on speed of box jumps which will come into play and wanted to hammer in my running and rowing because those have traditionally been my strengths.  I have gotten better at muscle ups and lower body stamina, which all of these will benefit me for this competition.  Now we will see how it all comes to fruition the weekend of June 3-5!

Here are a couple wods I have been doing focusing on running, rowing, and speed.

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