Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crossfit Games 2009 Finished!!!

So the Games are over!!!  I'm ambivalent about the results.  I felt great, all my training paid off as ran 7k very hard and recovered an hour later to have a PR on deadlift (405lb), then continued on with two more workouts, my energy was great, and most important I had no injuries and no cramping muscles which was prevalent with some of the athletes after the grueling day of workouts.  I feel good about my performance although I hoped that I would have placed higher than 55th overall at the end of the day.  I was frustrated because my strategy going into some of the events probably didn't turn out to be the best and I had a few slip ups that did not allow me to place higher than I did.  There was a lot of controversy with some of the events and if they were a true test of fitness or just a skill, but I am ok with them because I had plenty of opportunity to do well and show what I've got.  I feel good about it all because I am nowhere near my peak!

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