Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crossfit Wod:
5 rounds for time:
30 glute-hamstring sit ups
25 back extension

Scaled Wod:
1-5 rounds of:
20 sit ups and/or 10 sec L sit
15 back extensions

My workout:
PNF stretch 

What is crossfit?
from crossfit journal 19

It is a strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements, performed at a high intensity.
Constantly varied means that your body will never become accustomed to a particular workout and you body will adapt in various and broad  energy and metabolic systems.  This is unlike just weightlifters who become good in the phosphagen and glycolitic systems or anaerobic, or the runner/endurance athlete who because specialized in the oxidative or aerobic system.  Functional movements are any exercises that can transfer over to better real life movements or activities such as squat, deadlift, and kipping pullup as opposed to non-functional such as hamstring curl machines, leg press, and lat pull down.  These are isolation exercises that do not transfer to real life activiites becasue they do not train coordination, balance, agility, total body movements in a single effort.  These exercises are isolation exercises typically performed on machines and may be good for body builders.  But remember we want to be good at more than just body builders limiting ourselves to that one energy system.  And we will never have a scenario in real life where we sit down and weight to the back of our heels and push down as in a hamstring curl machine.  We can strengthen our hamstring by running, hiking, jumping, squatting, all of which most of us do in our everyday lives, or at least te healthy people do.  Lastly crossfit is performed at a high intensity, which scares a lot of people away.  Remember this is intensity relative to the individual.  Intense for one individual might be to walk 50 steps, then do 5 squats while another individual will sprint 50 m and than do 50 squats for 20 minutes.  To each is own.  But i promise if you consistently exercise at an intensity that is high for you, in functional movements and constantly varied across multiple and broad domains, you will get good results.

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